Food rescue, also called food recovery or food salvage, is the practice of gleaning edible food that would otherwise go to waste from places such as restaurants, grocery stores, produce markets, or dining facilities and distributing it to local emergency food programs.​

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Supporting Food Rescue 

One Million Kitchens

FPDS is a Polish foundation that has prepared and donated more than 2.5 million free meals since 1992. 

We developed a program to provide funding for food rescue organizations throughout the world. Our goal is to provide more than $1 billion per year to support hunger relief, beginning in Boston.

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One Million Kitchens installs the EcoThermal Filter that collects waste heat from the cooking surface at commercial kitchens. We recycle the heat to warm water for washing dishes at participating kitchens. Kitchens buy the metered hot water from us, for less than they pay for heating water with gas, electricity or propane.  Read more

We install the EcoThermal Filter at our cost at commercial kitchens that serve at least 250 meals a day, using plates and cutlery.   These restaurants, schools, hospital, hotels, prisons, etc can save up to $3,500 per year from our program, without investing a dime.  

Every year, $1,000 will be donated to food rescue organizations from each participating kitchen.   

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